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2016 Hyundai Azera Limited

Hyundai has been producing fantastic automobiles for a while now. Gone are the days of the regrettable econo-boxes, made for people on the most limited of budgets. Hyundai has proven that great cars can be made at an affordable price, without sacrificing safety or luxury when compared to other brands. Most of us who pay attention to the automobile market understand this, the general public....not so much.

The Azera has all the qualities of a Luxury sedan and it competes well with the competition, but the sales are not optimal. I wish I could come up with a fancy explanation as to why, but it really comes down to ignorance of the brand. Not enough people have owned or even driven the Azera to form an opinion for the good, which is a shame.

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The Azera is awesome, but awesome on a budget. The model we tested came in a just a hair over $40,000, not exactly cheap. But, when compared to offerings from other manufacturers, its clear that the Azera is a steal. I honestly can't walk away from this vesicle and feel justified paying more for the same amenities in another brand.

To be fair, no....its not on the level of a BMW, Mercedes or Lexus in the handling or power department. But, when you compare the Azera to vehicles in its class, it comes away looking better and better. Not to mention you are getting something new and exciting in the looks department without the big money label attached to it.

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